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Tidda AI
Remote Health Monitoring

Your Health, Our Mission

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What is Tidda?

Tidda AI is an intelligent voice assistant that helps you and your caregiver to monitor health anytime and anywhere. Tidda is always within reach as an App in your smartphone.

ICU Accuracy at home

Symptome Berichen, Herzfrequent, Schritte, Schlaf, Blutsauerstoff
Measure Medical Conditions at home, Blood Oxygen Saturation, Steps, Heart Rate, ECG, Sleep

A friend, there to make sure you are okay

Your Health, Our Mission

Better Engagement with Advanced AI and Voice Technologies

Tidda understands, talks and coordinates tasks.
The voice and chatbot powered assistant drives simple, human-like conversations to engage with users in their health journey. The assistant is built upon our proprietary Conversational AI platform that features medically-tailored Natural Language Understanding and Zana DialogueTM technology.

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Better Engagement with Advanced AI and Voice Technologies

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Tidda allows health monitoring to reach new levels of technological advancement. Learn how in a live one-on-one virtual demo!

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Safe Data

This is how:

  • Tidda AI is GDPR-compliant.
  • Your data is only hosted on ISO-certified serves located in Germany, guaranteeing privacy and data security.
  • Private personal information is anonymized preventing access to any identifiable health data.

An easy way to understand your health

As a use case, we have published the Tidda AI application. Tidda AI can respond to your questions and give you insights about your health. Connect to Tidda Fitnesswatch to track your health data such as activity, sleep, heart rate and use Tidda A.I mobile app to understand them better.

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Chat application Tidda

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Tidda is a class 1 medical device according to the Medical Devices Directive (MDD) within the European Union