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I am a Patient

The solution with Tidda AI expands care beyond the walls of healthcare providers, as an AI companion establishing a direct bridge between patients and doctors. Almost 90% of the patient's journey occurs outside the hospital or doctor's office. Our innovative remote care solution is designed to improve and lower costs of post-operative and chronic care.

Tidda AI combines active conversation in natural language with real-time monitoring through connected devices. All of this from the comfort of a patient's home, through a smartphone or smart home device. On the other side, an innovative dashboard system updates doctors about their patient's health continuously and securely.

Tidda Steps

  • Step 1

    Get to know Tidda and let her get to know you by setting up your profile

  • Step 2

    Now that you know each other let Tidda take care of you and measure your vitals by wearing the fitnesswatch

  • Step 3

    Use chatbot to track and report symptoms

  • Step 4

    Let your doctor monitor you, granting her access to your data

  • Step 5

    Ask health questions

How does it work?

How does it work?

Through a conversational interface, continuous monitoring with smart wearables and machine learning, Tidda AI gathers a holistic view on patient's health.

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