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Monitor the health of your loved one

Ever thought of sharing your health condition with your doctor? Do you need to keep an eye on the health of your parents and beloved ones?

Information gathered by Tidda AI can be accessed in our Remote Health Monitoring platform. You grant secure access to your caregiver in seconds allowing them to track your health outlook continuously and in real-time.

Tidda is an intelligent health assistant always within your reach. She can respond to your questions and give you insights about your health through Tidda Fitnesswatch. You may download Tidda in the Google App Store.

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Why choose Tidda Fitnesswatch?!

2019 new arrival Tidda Fitnesswatch series 1 is a waterproof fitness watch with a ton of new features.

Voice powered assistant

Tidda Fitnesswatch works with Tidda AI mobile app. Ask your health assistant how you are doing, set up health goals and get your health outlook report with the command of your voice

1.3 HD big screen

Big screen and clear numbers make this smart watch practical to use for any age.
Young or old, you will love the readability and easiness of having a smart tracker on your wrist

All around movement

Sports mode to record your exercise time.
Track the heart rate dynamics and the number of steps in the sport mode.

Intelligent health management

Tidda AI gathers and analyses your physical activity data. Progress is analysed and trained for smart recommendations that allow you get and stay healthy.

Meet Tidda Fitnesswatch

Tidda Fitnesswatch comes in Purple, Ocean Blue, Black and Red colors.


Blood Pressure, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Pedometer (Steps, Distance, Calorie), Blood Oxygen, Social App Notifications, Call remind and many more

Heart Rate

We rely on PPG (Photoplethysmography) sensors that use a light-based technology to sense the rate of blood flow and the heart rate.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is also measured based on the optical sensors. A time delay between two different signals is obtained to calculate both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Blood Oxygen

Oxygen saturation is the fraction of [oxygen]-saturated hemoglobin relative to total hemoglobin. Normal blood oxygen levels in humans are considered 95–100 percent.

Sleep Monitoring

Determine the quality of sleep based on the length of sleep, given a rating of sleep quality.


Record steps, distances, calories, and cycle comparison data to understand your daily exercise status

Daily Updates

Record your health parameters in real time and allows you to understand specific data while in motion