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Do you suffer from breathing problem?

Your health, our Mission

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What is Tidda-Odem?

Tidda-Odem is an initiative to provide support with a new digital App to at-risk individuals with respiratory diseases during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It involves practicing physicians who willingly volunteer their time to remotely care for individuals who are at increased risk of contracting COVID-19. Allowing the patients to remain safe at home while still being medically cared for.

How it helps

Tidda-Odem allows you to take control of your health and monitor your peak flow digitally so you never lose your results on paper again.

It also allows you to send your results directly to your doctor, so you don't have to visit as often and have more time to enjoy life. It also reminds you of your measurements, reducing the risk of forgetting these important tasks.

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How to use Tidda-Odem


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Track and report your progress: peak flow measurements

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An electronic diary that allows you to securely record your symptoms and communicate with your treating physician or next of kin. This keeps them informed at all times, while you remain socially distant.

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It allows you to never again forget a measurement or medication intake.

How it works?

Daily monitoring of peak flow and symptoms helps you see if your condition is worsening and how to adjust medications according to the prescribed plan, allowing for better management of your condition.

Tidda App works in 3 simple steps.

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Chat with Tidda

This digital companion in the app helps you record your peak flow levels and track your symptoms by interacting with Tidda via chat or voice, just as you would with a health care provider.

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Health History

History presents your recorded data in a view that meets medical standards.


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Reminders ensure that you never forget to record your medical progress again. Think of Tidda as your personal assistant, reminding you to record and monitor your health.

Share with doctor or loved ones: Stay in the safety and comfort of their home while having their health monitored by medical professionals.

It's easy: you can grant access to your chosen doctor or loved one by sharing a code that allows them to view your data through a Monitoring Dashboard application.

Data Protection and Data Backup

No personal data (such as first name, last name, phone number) is used or stored. The app separates project-related data from health data.

Reported project-related data includes: Age, Gender, Email. When you install the app, a unique identification number ("ID") is generated.

The ability to add first or last name is optional only. You can remain anonymous throughout your use of the app.

Health data: daily peak flow measurements, symptoms you want to report, medications you are currently taking, reminders you set yourself.
Please note that when handling your data, the general data protection regulations of the EU as well as local data protection laws will be respected. In particular, your personal data (name, age, phone number) will not be shared with the sponsor or other third parties.

Your project-related information will be separated from health data in the following ways:
  • Project-related information and health data are stored in two different databases.
  • Linkage between the two databases will only be possible using the unique individual identification number ("ID").
  • Data that could potentially identify an individual patient will not be stored in the health data.
  • Linkage between the two data sets will only be possible via the ID.

During the completion process or collection in the mobile app, the data is stored on your smartphone in encrypted form.

Then, data transfer within the platform up to the monitoring dashboard for the participating physician is done in encrypted form using standard security technology (Secure Sockets Layer). This provides an encrypted connection between two computers, allowing for the secure transmission of sensitive information.

All data transmitted into the platform is encrypted,making it impossible for the communication data to be exploited by external security threats.

The anonymized data is stored on a server in Germany provided by the technology provider Zana Technologies GmbH, which meets the highest security standards.

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